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Quotes From Participants

Participants speak of their gains from taking the Healing Shame Workshops. For quotes about specific features and qualities of the workshops, scroll down or click here.

“Those of us who have taken the workshop have indeed found it very powerful and applicable to our EFT work, as well as to our own personal and professional lives.”
— Jean Wedekind, MFT, Santa Rosa, CA

“Your workshop was very wonderful, meaningful, educational, expansive, eye-opening. My clients and I have continued to benefit.”
— Michele Honeck, MFT, Santa Rosa, Ca

“It was very much worth flying up to Toronto from Arkansas to take your workshop.  The workshop added much to my knowledge and skill bag, particularly in broadening the work with primary feelings.”  
— Dell Tyson, RN, MA, LPC, LMFT, Arkansas

“The workshop brought to light new ways for me to look at, understand, and work with shame in sessions. I began working with the material with clients right away.”
— Lynn Bergman, MFT, Santa Rosa, CA

“Your workshop brought shame into sharper focus. It helped me learn how to 'dance' with the client in shame.”
— Muftiah Martin, MFT, Santa Rosa, CA

“I have been meaning to contact you to thank both of you for the incredible workshop. Not only did the experience transform me as a professional, it has opened my eyes and heart to a refreshingly deeper understanding of who I am as an individual, and has enlightened my soul to begin to really trust the beauty of the truth that lies deep within each of us.”
— Carolyn Gerard, MFT, San Diego, CA

“Immediately following your workshop, I noticed that I began listening differently to my clients and heard euphemisms for shame that hadn't clicked previously. I've been cautious and have heeded the importance of resourcing before delving into the shame. The concept of giving back the shame is profound and although I haven't gotten to that point yet, I'm actually excited to experience that piece with a client. Thanks for your important contribution to our field.”
— Barbara Roth,  LCSW,  Madison, WI

Features of the Workshop

“I loved the demonstrations, the somatic work and the practical exercises to work with shame. The demonstrations helped me put things in context and understand how to powerfully externalize the shame. I also loved the moving back and forth from the present to the past to prevent overactivation of the shame.”
— Fern Banner, MA, Toronto

“It was all very helpful – the demos, the sharing, the didactic. Good balance. It was all relevant – personally and professionally.”
Jan Di Santo, MFT, Certified EFT Therapist.

“I really appreciated the demos, the safety created by Bret and Sheila and their incredible depth of knowledge. The entire weekend was great.”
— Evelyn Schmechtig-Cochran, LMFT, Newark, CA

“The interweaving of lecture, discussion and demos was POWERFUL!, educational, practical and magical...”
— Marjorie Stornetta, MFTI, Santa Rosa, CA

“I really liked the way you slowed the process down to deal with material in a deep way.”
— Mary Krug, MS, LPC, Portland, OR

“Your knowledge and comfort with the material created a sense of ease about diving in.”
— Jill Lamourie MacIsaac, MSW, RSW, Toronto, ON, Canada

“I appreciated the review of emotion/affect theory and the conceptual model for treatment. The demos were helpful, providing a really useful model for bringing the pieces together.”
— Gregory Heberlein, M.A., L.P., St Paul, MN

“I like the pacing, lots of time to discuss and ask questions. I appreciate your ability to link theory to practice.”
— Joan Marsman, RMFT, Toronto, ON, Canada

“It was an excellent course. The pace made the day of work easy to follow. The didactic was interesting and brought alive by examples of clinical work.”  
— Unsigned evaluation, Berkeley, CA

“Talking about shame first from a theoretical perspective and then applying the theory concretely to casework was very helpful. The demonstrations further helped illustrate the material.”
— Dan Quiggins, Ph.D, Portland, OR


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